Important practice update regarding Covid-19: 19 June 2020 LATEST

In line with stage 2 of the Scottish Governments lockdown easing, from the 22/6/20 we are able to open for urgent care only.

The Government has stipulated that only certain types of treatment are undertaken, and these are very limited. We are unable to use our drills, and therefore not able to do normal fillings, or root treatments. NO routine care is currently allowed.

We are still available, as we have been through the whole lockdown period, on the phones – if you have a dental problem please call 01416320109 and we will try to help. This may still involve advice on self help measures, possible prescriptions or onward referral to the Urgent Care Hubs set up by the Health Board.

Covid-19 is still a problem, we will ask you repeatedly if you are exhibiting symptoms of a new cough, fever or loss/change in sense of taste/smell. If you are – you must NOT come into the surgery – but let us know and we can arrange a more appropriate referral for any dental problems you may have.

If we are able to help you, we will arrange an appointment here, but your experience will be different than you are used to:

  • Entry to the building will be by appointment only.
  • You should wait outside in your car, and phone to let us know you have arrived. Only ring the doorbell if you are unable to get through on the phones.
  • You should arrive for your appointment on time, but definitely not more than 5 minutes early or more than 5 minutes late. We are sorry, but we will not be able to accommodate either. The waiting room is not open for use.
  • There will be no toilet facilities
  • You are asked to come alone, unless the accompanying adult is essential (one parent/carer/comforter)
  • Do not bring any personal belongings – no newspapers, no bags. There will be no costs during this phase – you don’t need to bring a purse.
  • You will be met at the front door by a member of staff in full PPE and directed to a sink to wash your hands thoroughly. The dentist will also already have on full PPE – don’t worry, its still the same old us underneath it all, but it may appear more impersonal than usual.
  • After any treatment you will again be directed to a sink to wash your hands and guided to exit.

If you develop any Covid symptoms within 7 days of your appointment you should phone to let us know.

Our infection control measures have always been excellent, but these enhanced touches are to keep you and our staff safe.

We are here to help, so if you have any problems please contact us on 01416320109.

Shawlands Dental Practice is an NHS health care dental clinic, first and foremost, focusing on maintenance of a healthy mouth with a strong emphasis on prevention, especially with regard to children. We have been involved with the NHS Childsmile programme from its inception in 2007.

First opened by dentist Jean Suttie in 1935, Shawlands Dental Practice is one of the longest established dental practices in Glasgow.

With a focus firmly on family NHS dentistry, we are committed to providing the highest quality of NHS care in the best possible environment and our practice has always had an ethos of quality improvement in the way we deliver our care.

One of our strengths is a consistent team who work together. Most of our staff have been with the Shawlands Dental Practice for many years. Patients often tell us they value continuing care and appreciate that we all know them and their families well and that they know they can call on us when they need to see us.

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